GNOME as a tool for Students

‘GNOME’; For beginners, one thought comes into mind-What is it all about?How is it useful for us?Why to adapt GNOME when i am having other alternatives?The answer lies in the passion for getting in touch with the emerging technology. For those who don’t know much about Open Source,here comes the definition:”Its a free-ware,open distribution of software developed by and for the user community”.

Open Source refers to something that can be shared and modified as it publicly accessible. Its authors ensure that anyone can alter and share a program with others without charging a licensing fee for it.Well,GNOME is a desktop environment for all the open source soft wares and what makes it different from others is that it can work with closed  source soft wares(which are not legally allowed to copy or modify ) as well(like Windows).

What makes GNOME special?

We all have been using GUIs from the very beginning when we started using computer.Switching to different environment is very common as the user wants more advanced features which would fit to their applications.

GNOME Shell(the official user interface of the GNOME desktop environment)provides core interface functions like switching windows, launching applications or see your notifications.  It also provides  Activities overview mode which dedicates a full screen to all the different ways in which the user can switch from doing one thing (an activity) to doing something else.From students point-of-view,GNOME provides an organised view of tasks they want to perform.A user may switch from one task to another easily.

 GNOME for Open Source Developers

Various software has been written to provide development tools consistent with the GNOME desktop and to facilitate the development of GNOME software.GNOME BUILDER is one of the integrated development environment.Glade Interface Designer is the software to construct graphical interfaces using the graphical control elements in GTK.

Friends,hope the post will help you to get connected with GNOME and open source  software. Upcoming for next posts are -GNOME for GAME lovers, GNOME for Hackers, How GNOME is helpful for physically challenged or disabled people…….your comments are highly appreciable…